Peluso P-STEREO Solid State Stereo Microphone System

$35 / Weekend $75 / Month

Key Features:

  • Solidstate large diaphragm condenser microphone
  • eatures two independently mounted dual sided 34mm P-K69 capsules
  • These dual sided center terminated capsules closely emulate the sound of a vintage SM-69
  • The lower capsule (B) has a fixed position while the upper capsule (A) may be rotated up to 90°
  • A 3-pattern switch is provided on the front of the microphone body for each capsule, allowing omni-directional, cardioid and figure 8
  • A 10dB pad switch is located on the back of the microphone body
  • This microphone can run from its included power supply or, if AC power is not available, it will run from phantom power with slightly reduced SPL handling
  • Dedicated power supply is equipped with two standard 3-pin XLR outputs
  • In the studio or on location the P-Stereo delivers the deep lows and airy highs of vintage large diaphragm mics, in stereo
  • Frequency Range: 17Hz/25Khz