Gold Level Mapex Meridian Maple or Pro M 5 Piece Maple Drum Kit (MPB2218)

Gold Level
$50/Weekend $65/Month

Key Features:

  • Gold level drum kits consist of 5 matching Pro M, Mars, or Meridian Maple Drum Shells (Kick Drum, Floor Tom, Rack Toms and Snare)
  • Shell sizes may vary depending on inventory availability, but we will take requests on size preferences
  • All Gold level kits have Maple Shells
  • 7.2mm, 7ply maple bass drum shells, 5.8mm, 7ply, maple tom & snare shells
  • Hand-applied lacquer finishes
  • Chrome hardware and black-coated hardware
  • Isolated mounting system
  • Spring-loaded floor tom legs
  • Single-point-of-contact lugs
  • 2.3mm power hoops
  • All hardware included in drum rental including cymbal stands and throne

Cymbals not included - rent the Gold level cymbal pack (Sabian XS) for only $14 / weekend or $8 / month

Drum sticks not included