Sennheiser EKPAVX AVX Handheld Wireless System

$36 / Weekend $63 / Month

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Key Features:

  • Super compact handheld camera system
  • Optimized dynamic range means no more overload or distortions
  • Super-fast setup - just plug in and record
  • Reliable transmission with link protection
  • Plugs directly into XLR audio input without dangling cables
  • Ultra compact receiver is lightweight and takes up minimal space
  • Phantom power detection helps you maximize operation time with auto on/off
  • Easy automatic frequency management
  • AES 256 encryption protects your content
  • No license required to operate
  • Robust metal housing
  • Wireless Systems with internal rechargable batteries may not be fully charged prior to your rental.
  • Please allow for at least 8 hours of charge time prior to planned time of use.