Heil PR48 Low Frequency/Kick Drum Dynamic Mic


Key Features

  • Low-Frequency Dynamic Microphone for Kick Drum or Bass Amp
  • 1.5" large diaphragm dynamic element sealed in a vulcanized shock mount
  • Specially designed low-pass filter that creates a 10dB rise from 60Hz to 100Hz - right where the kick drum resonates
  • EQ drops off dramatically at 7.5kHz to prevent unwanted rattling or noise
  • The total frequency response is 30Hz - 8.5kHz (4dB rise @ 4500Hz)
  • Its rear rejection is -40dB @ 180 off-axis
  • Can handle +148dB SPL
  • Rugged metal housing and sophisticated construction
  • Slanted entrance to the 3-pin XLR male connector