JHS COLOURBOXV1 Vintage Neve Style Preamp & Distortion Pedal

$11/Weekend $23/Month

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Key Features

  • Preamp and EQ for guitar, microphone, or line-level sources in a pedal format
  • Unmistakable sound of plugging your guitar, bass, piano, microphone, or anything else, directly into a vintage Neve preamp
  • 100% analog signal path
  • Dual gain stages with over 39dB of gain gives you everything from subtle sweetening to full-on distortion
  • Powerful tone-shaping potential, with 3-band EQ and wide-ranging variable low-cut filter (60Hz-800Hz)
  • The Colour Box control set features three sections: the gain section, EQ section, and the hi-pass filter section
  • The Gain section controls:
    • Master: Overall master volume for the unit
    • Pre-Vol: Controls the amount of gain hitting the front end of the Colour Box
    • Step: 5-position switch that raises the gain of the Colour Box’s two preamp stages simultaneously up to 39dB
  • The EQ section is a powerful Baxandall-style EQ circuit so you can boost or cut Bass, Mids, and Treble to your needs
  • The Hi-Pass filter is engaged by flipping the toggle into the up position
  • When engaged, the Hi-Pass knob sweeps from 60Hz to 800Hz
  • Hi-pass fantastic results to remove muffled low-end or give you AM radio/garage type sounds
  • Features a selectable XLR or 1/4” input as well as separate XLR and 1/4” outputs
  • Quality Lundahl transformer that adds weight and dimension to your signal
  • Does not provide phantom power for condenser microphones