Sabian HHX Legacy Cymbal Pack (HHXR22)

Platinum Level
$37/Weekend $66/Month

Key Features

  • HHX Legacy Cymbal pack offers brilliant and dark sound with B20 Bronze Alloy Hand-Hammered Construction
  • Includes: 19" HHX Legacy Crash Cymbal, 15" HHX Legacy Hi-hats (Pair) and a 22" HHX Legacy Heavy Ride Cymbal
  • B20 bronze alloy is renowned for its bell tones, wide-ranging voice, and dark, simmering sound
  • Hand-hammered to produce complex, brooding, modern pitches that cut through the mix
  • Thin crash responds with a trashy, dark initial sound, followed by a washy, long sustain
  • Heavy Ride cymbal's bell responds with a bright ping followed by a washy, long sustain
  • Medium top High-Hat and heavy bottom hat's cymbal are paired to produce a solid "chick"