Roland JD-08 Boutique Series JD-800 Sound Module (JD-08)


Key Features:

  • Recreation fo the classic JD-800 synth
  • Includes all 108 original waveforms and all 64 original factory patches, plus 21 new presets
  • 4-part tone layering
  • 2-part, 64-step polyphonic sequencer
  • Randon pattern generator, motion recorder,, and onboard arpeggiator
  • Dual LFOs with Saw, Triangle, Square, Random, and Noise waveforms
  • Filter section offers LPF, BPF, and HPF modes
  • 2-stage multi-effects section and distortion, phaser, spectrum, enhancer, delay and reverb
  • Multi-phase time-variant envelopes
  • Palette sliders for fast parameter tweaks
  • USB-C audio/MIDI interface, full-size MIDI I/O, and external clock input
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or USB
  • Built-in mini speaker