Orange OBASS 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

About this Bass Guitar

Birthed from the mind of Adrian Emsley, the Orange company's technical director, the O-Bass shines with vintage appeal and retro radiance that make it the perfect bass for vintage voice chasers. The O-Bass stands as a proud amalgamation of Emsley’s bass knowledge acquired over a lifetime of hands-on experience modding and designing basses. Finally, he landed upon pure gold — rather, pure orange. Built from a lightweight and resonant okoume body, maple neck, and purpleheart fingerboard, the O-Bass delivers thunder with one radical, custom-wound, split-coil humbucker.

Silver Level • $22/month

More Details

  • 1 custom wound split-coil Humbucker pickup
  • Ebony fretboard on a maple neck
  • Okuome body with a tila basswood veneer
  • Nickel top-loading 4 saddle bridge and open gear tuners
  • Scale length: 864mm
  • Radius: R400 fingerboard

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