Warm Audio WA-MPX Single-channel Tube Mic Preamp

$25/Weekend $45/Month

Key Features

  • Authentic reproduction of the coveted “351” tape machine tube preamp
  • Fully discrete, handwired and handbuilt construction with 90dB of clean analog tube gain
  • Selectable Tape saturation adds harmonic distortion and natural compression
  • Custom-wound, large-core CineMag USA transformers
  • Tone switch modifies mic input transformer impedance for mic optimization or extra analog color
  • 600ohm output attenuator
  • Vacuum tube complement: premium 12AX7 (x), 12AU7 (x1)
  • Preamp Gain: 70dB, 90dB with High Gain engaged
  • High Gain control engages third tube in the circuit, adding 20dB of clean gain for low-output mics and quiet sources
  • 48V phantom power; polarity switch
  • 80Hz highpass filter; 2kHz lowpass filter
  • Inputs: XLR mic, TRS line, TS instrument
  • Outputs: line-level XLR and TRS
  • VU meter level indication
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 19" rackable