Pioneer DJM-A9 4 Ch Professional DJ Mixer

$110 / Weekend $200 / Month

Key Features

  • Comprehensive I/O options includes MIDI compatability, digital inputs, dedicated send/return channels, booth output, dual USB hubs, and dedicated headphone outputs
  • 3-band per channel EQ, trim, deck assignment, and channel selection
  • Center Lock feature designed to keep knob values maxed out at the center position of each channel's Sound Color FX control
  • Dual pairs of USB-B and USB-C ports
  • Quickly toggle between ISO and EQ curves with a single switch
  • Channel fader shape and crossfader profile shape each feature a dedicated 3-way switch
  • Magvel Fader crossfader
  • 2 headphone outputs feature their own mix and level adjustments
  • Dual headphone outputs allow two DJs to monitor independently
  • 2 microphone inputs with dedicated FX; optional 48V phantom power on microphone 1
  • Master-level adjustment includes dedicated meter for quick changes
  • Booth controls are comprised of a level adjustment and 2-band EQ
  • Sound Color FX – Space, Crush, Sweep, Noise, Filter, and Dub Echo
  • Beat FX allows you to choose from 14 different performance and tempo-based FX, with frequency blocking, channel selection, and tap tempo adjustments
  • X-Pad utilizes touch-sensitive interface to affect audio spatialization FX with tapping or sliding, as well as 3 different wave shapes for FX management and customization
  • Multi I/O suite features an independent channel selector and USB-A port to utilize external FX as needed
  • Wireless connectivity supports both Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Software support includes DVS use with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, as well as Pioneer DJ's Stagehand App for front-of-house management
  • DJM-REC app support means seamless, quick, high-quality streaming on platforms like Mixcloud, Twitch, and more