Shure PSM900 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System

$53/Weekend $95/Month

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Key Features

  • Scan and Sync technology saves time during setup
  • CueMode lets the monitor engineer listen in on up to 20 mixes
  • MixMode technology lets you create a custom mix of two separate channels
  • Audio Reference Companding for more natural wireless sound quality
  • Active RF Gain Control to prevent RF distortion
  • Separate level and clip indicators so that you can identify the problem
  • Handy L/R outputs on the back panel can be used to daisy-chain units
  • Operating range: 300ft line-of-sight
  • Reciever is powered by 2 AA batteries

  • In Ear Monitoring Systems do not include batteries or Earbuds/Earphones (for hygenic reasons)
  • Both earbuds/earphones and batteries can be purchased separately in our Online Store, or upon pickup of rental