Yorkville NX10C 10"/1" Active 300w Speaker

$13 / Weekend $28 / Month

Key Features:

  • Powerful 600 watt speaker with wide coverage dispersion
  • 3 (Combi-jack Mic Input / Combi-jack Line Input / 1/8-inch TRS Line Input) 1/4" inputs are parallel
  • NX10C's can be mounted on many stands, including light bars, saving valuable stage space.
  • For side-wash monitor applications on tight stages, the NX10C can be mounted under the front of house cabinets to provide a monitor signal that will be fully phase coherent with the front of house signal.
  • The innovative custom rear mounted handle also functions as a tilt stand allowing the NX10C to be used as a compact wide coverage floor monitor or center fill cabinet.
  • Versatile inputs for mic or line level sources as well as an 1/8th-inch TRS jack allow the NX10C to direct connect to any audio source.