Neve 5017 Portico Channel Strip with DI / MIc Pre / Compressor

$36/Weekend $65/Month

Staff Pick!

"It's a Preamp! It's a DI! It's a Comp! It's made in Wimberly and designed by the legendary Rupert Neve. It has the 'silk' function which provides musical, pleasing harmonic saturation. In other words, it makes what you put in it sound better. Don't believe me? Rent it for your next recording." -Craig

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Key Features:

  • Channel strip with classic Neve DI/mic pre & Compressor
  • 1-channel operation
  • Use DI and mic channels together
  • Blend control to mix DI'd signal with miked signal
  • Record bass with both a miked signal and a DI
  • Balanced or unbalanced hi-Z input for instruments
  • Highpass filter: 12dB/octave @ 80Hz
  • Phantom power
  • Phase invert
  • Variphase for fine tuning of phase relationship
  • Compressor
  • Silk channel for vintage-style sound