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NGP Lighting Design at FSG for Cabaret

Cabaret Lighting by NGP

NGP, Natalie George Productions, is an award winning lighting design team based out of Austin, Texas. Heavily influenced by the world of theatre, NGP operates at the cutting edge of lighting design, fabrication, and entertainment. Their Cabaret series is in its 4th year and continuing to grow! Earlier this year, we got to attend the first NGP Cabaret of 2023 and we are already looking forward to the next.

For each Cabaret, NGP creates a pop-up nightlife experience to showcase the vast musical and performance talent in Austin and surrounding areas. The showcases are always intimate, always inspiring, and always very well lit.

To get the old school cabaret vibe with fresh accent colors and minimal wiring, they used a mix of compact battery powered fixtures and linear wash lights. A few of the models they rented from us include WIFLYEXRHEX5IP, ELEMENTHEXIP, and ULTRAHEXBAR12. NGP used several low profile tripod stands to mount the WIFLYEXRHEX5IP throughout the pop-up venue. You see an example of this in the picture above. You can rent these lights and many others to create your own vibe!

Cabaret Lighting by NGP

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