Lighting Packages

Rock N Roll Rentals is here to provide you with everything you need to light up your event, from dance parties to conferences, to weddings and everything in between!
Our Rental Packages consist of our most popular combinations of rental equipment and every package is fully customizable.

Lighting Package #1
Dance Party

$48 - $72/weekend

Great for house parties! Simple fun lighting for small to medium spaces.

Dance Party I
(3 effect lights)

Dance Party II
(4 effect lights)
$72 /Weekend

Lighting Package #2
Mobile DJ

$53 - $169 /weekend

Take your gigs to the next level with a pro lighting rig. Colorful, bright, and elegant.

Mobile DJ I
(1 lighting system)

Mobile DJ II
(2 lighting systems)

Mobile DJ III
(1 lighting systems + 2 effect lights + 2 uplights)

Lighting Package #3
Standard Uplighting

$100 - $240/weekend

Enhance any venue with uplighting! Choose between 63 different colors and watch the room glow.

Standard Uplighting I
(10 uplights)

Standard Uplighting II
(16 uplights)

Standard Uplighting III
(24 uplights)

Lighting Package #4
Wireless Uplighting

$102 - $306/weekend

Uplighting without cables! The perfect DIY solution to dramatically improve the ambience of any event space. 6+ hours battery life.

Wireless Uplighting I
(6 uplights)

Wireless Uplighting II
(12 uplights)

Wireless Uplighting III
(18 uplights)

Lighting Package #5
BIG Dance Party

$145 - $249/weekend

Great for warehouse parties, school gymnasiums, quinceañeras, and larger venues!

BIG Dance Party I
(4 lights + 1 fog machine)

BIG Dance Party II
(6 lights + 1 fog machine)

BIG Dance Party III
(8 lights + 1 fog machine)

Lighting Package #6
Comedy Show

$52 - $91/weekend

Perfect for DIY comedy, cabaret, or drag shows!

Comedy Show I
(2 stage lights + 2 wash lights)

Comedy Show II
(2 stage lights + 1 spot light + 2 wash lights)

Lighting Package #7
Stage Lighting

$60 - $262/weekend

Elevate your next performance with easy to use stage lighting! Perfect for medium-large stages.

Stage Lighting I
(2 lighting systems)

Stage Lighting II
(2x power 2 lighting systems)

Stage Lighting III
(4 lighting systems)

Lighting Package #8
Blacklight Party

$66 - $176/weekend

Perfect for Blacklight parties of all sizes! Go for Blacklight Party III if you are in a school gymnasium.

Blacklight Party I
(4 blacklights)

Blacklight Party II
(8 blacklights)

Blacklight Party III
(10 blacklights)