Podcast Packages

Rock N Roll Rentals is the perfect solution for renting all the equipment you need to make your own podcast

We carry everything you need to produce your own podcast show! Microphones, Mixers, Audio Interfaces and Accessories!

Below, find some of our most popular solutions for customers recording podcasts!

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Podcast Package #1
Instant Podcast Recording

$9/Weekend | $14/Month


  • All-In-One Podcast Studio
  • Convenient Headphone Output on the Microphone for instant monitoring
  • Record on the go straight into your Computer or iPad

This Package Includes:

  • RODE NTUSB USB Broadcast Microphone
  • Short Microphone Stand
  • USB Cable and Shockmount
  • All Necessary Cables for Basic Operation

Popular Additions to This Package:

  • Add a Second Microphone with a Stand for an Interview Style Podcast!

Podcast Package #2
Mobile Podcast Interview

$25 /Weekend | $41/Month


  • Mobile SD Recording Rig with Two Mics
  • Run off USB Power or 2 AA Batteries
  • 4 Channels of Audio Capturing with the Two Microphones and Two Onboard Mics

This Package Includes:

  • RODE H4nPRO SD Handy Audio Recorder
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphones x 2
  • All Necessary Cables for Basic Operation

More Details:

  • SD Card Sold Seperately! Buy one in our stores.

Podcast Package #3
Podcast Studio-Rig

$46/Weekend | $59/Month


  • Mixer and Mic Designed and Manufactured Specifically for Podcasting!
  • RODECaster Pro has amazing features for Podcasting, including Sound-Pads for Music Themes and Sponsor Ads
  • RODECaster Pro makes adding music, phone interviews and many other popular podcast features easy!

This Package Includes:

  • RODE RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer and Production Studio
  • RODE PodMic Broadcast Quality Dynamic Microphones x 2
  • RODE StudioArm Desktop Mic Boom

Popular Additions to This Package:

  • Add a third RODE Pod Mic and StudioArm for $11/weekend or $17/month

Podcast Package #4
Podcast Pro

$54/Weekend | $91/Month


  • Pro-Level Gear for Podcasting! The State-of-the-Art Broadcasting Option
  • Broadcast-Standard Microphones, and Groundbreaking Live-Tracking Mixer with Sound Pads and On-Board Mixing Power
  • Records over USB or to SD simultaneously or separately!

This Package Includes:

  • ZOOM LiveTrak L-8 8 Channel Recording Mixer with
  • Shure SM7B Broadcast Quality Dynamic Microphones x 2
  • RODE StudioArm Desktop Swivel Microphone Boom Attachments

Popular Additions to This Package:

  • Add additional Shure SM7B Broadcast Dynamic Microphones with Studioarm Mounts for $20/weekend or $34/month